Milling System

5 Axis CNC Milling Machines are 2 ton CNC machines that mill using a milling strategy with 5 axis planes of motion. Our design software (CAD) and milling software (CAM) are designed to work together to ensure the highest accuracy. Often we are able to mill restorations from preparations that are not prepped perfectly parallel or do not draw.


15 tool bed automated bur changer enables extremely fine detailed, highly accurate milling.

Smallest cutting tool in the dental industry ~ 0.3mm

2 ton machines that enable milling of titanium with no movement or vibration of the milling machine, unlike smaller table top machines

Wet milling prevents overheating and material build up on the burs during milling, maintaining accuracy of the product and life of the milling burs

Scanning & Design Software


WE DESIGN OUR CASES BACKWARDS ON PURPOSE…..   Our software designs the ideal crown or bridge shape then designs the coping and custom abutment to support the final restoration.

Digital Design means we never have to guess if we have adequate framework support for your porcelain.


Custom abutments and frameworks digitally designed simultaneously to ensure ideal support of porcelain and substructures.


The software is accurate and easy to use.

  • Each quadrant can be digitally waxed up independently, creating a design control that is easier and faster than ever.
  • A rich database of full anatomical pre-shapes, easily adjusted with  just the click of a mouse.
  • Scan and design in parallel; scan the prep and design an abutment, coping and full  pressover anatomical shell
  • scan and design copings, frameworks, full anatomical crowns and bridges, inlays/onlays and veneers, anatomical pressovers, maryland bridges, and custom implant abutments.


Below 5 AXIS Design Software showing abutment design steps, including path of insertion and abutment crown angles for correct draw, occlusal surface. The thickness of each material is measured to ensure optimal support is created.


5 AXIS Designer steps for multiple implant abutments and PFZ bridge

finished bridge

finished bridge

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