Scan Bodies for Implant Impressions

For Traditional PVS or Digital Impressions

Scan body 5 AXISIn 2008, 5 Axis Dental manufactured the first implant custom abutment and finished restoration from a single digital scan.

Continuous research and development has now enabled us scan full arch implant cases. Implants from different manufactures can be scanned simultaneously and custom abutments and finished restorations manufactured from one scan. We can manufacture a combination of one piece titanium and hybrid abutments to meet the highest aesthetic needs. We are now registered and located on the iTero drop down menu making it easier to order your custom abutments. Just add 5 AXIS to your favorites list on your iTero menu.

5 AXIS Scan Bodies are available for most major implant brands.


Medical grade titanium Ti 6Al-4V ELI is used to manufacture 5 AXIS abutments and the 5 AXIS Scan Body. Torque recommendations are the same as the brand manufacturers. The same torque drivers as the brand manufacturers are used. Traditional PVS impressions can be taken using the 5 AXIS Scan Body. We pour your models in resin duplicating the shape of the scan body and do not require lab model analogs. One time investment Sterilize and Re-use the 5 AXIS Scan Body.


Barb_B_3Deep seated implants can be scanned. One third of the scan body, including the entire notched surface must be exposed for scanning. The scan body is radio-opaque and should be X-Rayed prior to scanning to determine correct seating in the implant In very tight spaces the ISA can be adjusted chair side using a hand piece. The notched top surface must NOT be adjusted. This area is what determines implant rotation and alignment in our Design Software. Multiple implant scans must include a scan shot that includes the adjacent implants or teeth. This is VERY important for bridges or splinting implants so that we can accurately determine alignment and rotation.


Converging Implant Solutions

1. Using the 5 AXIS Scan Body take two PVS impressions. One impression of each implant with the Scan Body inserted. Our software can join the data. OR 2. Cut the ISA chairside, keeping the entire notched area and upper 1/3 of the scan body intact. Scan both of the Scan Bodies simultaneously. OR 3. Scan the Scan Body one at a time. Provide the same stationary landmarks in both scans, for example the adjacent molar and the single adjacent Scan Body.
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