The 5 AXIS Designer iPad App

This proprietary App allows you to modify the  digitally designed custom abutment to ensure optimal crown support, tissue height and abutment emergence profile. Customers who are registered to use to our iPad App  have access to the design on their iPad. Based on the knowledge of your patient and your preferences you can then modify the overall shape of your abutment. Modifications can be made to the abutment margin both horizontally and vertically and adjusting the emergence profile to reduce or expand the width and height of the abutment above the margin.

Our software designs the case with a crown/coping allowing you to see a translucent overlay of the crown shape while you are making your modifications. The software will not allow you to tip the angle of the abutment so that it is mis-aligned.

Once your abutment is designed to your satisfaction the file will be returned to 5 AXIS where we will confirm that the final coping/crown support is maintained, the bite is correct and the abutment design is within safe manufacturing parameters.

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