Screw Retained Implant Crown & Bridge


We can manufacture screw retained bridges from a traditional PVS impression for all implant systems.  We then scan the plaster multi-unit model and digitally design the case.

We can manufacture screw retained bridges from an intra-oral scan with titanium abutments and create screw access holes for retrieve-ability. This type of screw retained solution would require the bridge to be retained using a semi-permanent cement or if permanent cement is used cause both the custom abutments and the bridge to be removed as one piece, from the implants.

Screw retained restorations using a “multiunit cone” from an intra-oral scanned digital impression are available for single restorations only. This is due to software restrictions for milling a polyurethane model. Currently, our model software mills the shape of the abutment in the model. We are unable to mill the analog portion of the restoration into the model that would allow us to manufacture using the multiunit cone. We can retrofit a multiunit analog into the polyurethane model for a single unit, but the margin for error is too high to retrofit more than one analog for a bridge.  We will be developing software for a complete digital solution for screw retained bridges in the future.




Bredent attachments for lingual screw retained design


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