Provisional Restorations

Milled PMMA Temporary Screw Retained Bridges

130 134 135

Digital Provisionals

Presented in Chicago, Feb. 2014 at the  Chicago Mid-winter Prosthodontists Meetings

Scanned Diagnostic wax-up  was superimposed over the prepared teeth allowing us to copy the diagnostic. Milled PMMA, full maxillary and mandibular provisional bridges fully articulated, stained and glazed.

Alternately, a digital design can be done over the prepared teeth, eliminating the need for hand waxing the provisionals.

Mand 2

Digital design

Mand 3

Digital design of diagnostic

Mand 7

Digital design maxilla & mandible

Max 1

Diagnostic wax-up of provisionals

Max 2

Digital Design mimics diagnostic

Max 6

matches lingual detail


Occlusal detail of diagnostic

Temps C 2

Inter-proximal embrasures

Temps C 3



Temps C 6

Milling PMMA

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