Full Zirconia Crowns


Indications for Use:

Solid zirconia is indicated for crowns and bridges and is an esthetic alternative to PFM or full cast restorations.  Full zirconia is more resistant to chipping and therefore an alternative for bruxers who have broken their natural teeth or PFM restorations. They are also ideal when there there is not enough preparation space for a PFM or PFZ crown.

  • strength and durability such as under partials or screw retained implant crowns
  • single units to full arch bridges
  • Bruxers
  • limited preparation space
  • more aesthetic than full metal
  • kinder to the opposing dentition than full metal non-precious base metal restorations



  • any style of margin prep is OK, similar prep to full cast gold
  • minimal occlusal reduction of 0.5 mm; 1 mm being ideal


zr prep feather edgeFull Zirconia crown with a typical PFM prep

Because it is a monolithic crown and can be milled to a feather edge, there is no bulk of material, or “speed bump,” at the margin. Often your explorer cannot detect where the tooth ends and the crown begins.

pfm prep bulky




A typical PFM prep with a conservative feather-edge margin                                   Coping + opaque + porcelain  = more reduction needed


When a PFM is fabricated for this prep there is a bulky 1 mm margin on the PFM that catches on the explorer. Even if the margin is sealed, the emergence profile is bulky and unnatural.


  1. Why Do Dentists Love All Zirconia Crown Margins?

Margins on the all-zirconia crowns & bridges feel better to their explorer than the ones on the PFMs they used to prescribe. Emergence profile is more natural than with a PFM as zirconia need less tooth reductiona and can be finished to a feather edge margin.

pearl finish full zirconia        2. Kind to the Opposing Dentition

All zirconia polishes to a high pearl like finish     “(opposing wear is) more about the smoothness of the material than hardness.”   Dr. M. DiTolla    

Antagonist studies performed at the University of Tubingen,  have shown that full zirconia crowns are kinder to the opposing dentition than PFM crowns finshed with Ceramco III porcelain.



Full zirconia crowns have a bi-axial flexural strength between 1000 and 1450 MPa.  Porcelain veneered restorations have a porcelain strength between 80- 120MPa.


The same cementation technique as with a PFM crown. Resin-re-inforced glass ionomer cement such as RelyXLuting Cement, GC Fuji Plus, Z-Prime Plus or Monobond Plus.

For short or over-tapered preparations use a resin cement such as RelyX, Unicem or PanaviaF2.0 with Z-Prime Plus or Monobond Plus.

Zirconia full anatomical crowns

5 Axis, mills full anatomical zirconia using several different sizes of precision burs that allow us to create fine occlusal details. Our technicians are able to color and stain the zirconia to blend in with existing dentition. The material is stained before sintering to create a deeper color penetration and then stained and polished. 5 AXIS uses Bruxzir and Sagemax brand zirconia.

Bruxzir Zirconia

Because of post-powder processing, BruxZir Solid Zirconia dental restorations have a high translucency and are able to exceed that strength threshold, with flexural strengths between 1200 – 1465 MPa.

Sagemax Zirconia

Highest translucency with strength threshold over 1100MPa.

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