Custom Implant Abutments

Compatible with most major implant brands. Custom implant abutments, can be made of one piece titanium, medical grade 5 ti 6AL-4V titanium as well as TZP-A zirconia. We also offer hybrid abutments made of zirconia and titanium which provide the strength of titanium and the aesthetics of zirconia. Hybrid abutments are available for all internal connection implant systems we are compatible with. Hybrid abutments are not available for implants with external connections. We are compatible with over 100 different implant brands and sizes. You can print the complete List of Compatible Implants and implant scan bodies. If we can mill it we have a scan body for it!


Advantages of Custom Abutments versus stock abutments:

  • Tissue support and management
  • Optimal support and retention of the final restoration
  • Optimal emergence profile for a natural esthetic result
  • Margins designed at an ideal level for easy and safe removal of excess cement
  • Require no chair side modification
  • Manufactured using state-of-the-art milling process to ensure highest precision and quality
  • Are available for all major implant systems and in the biocompatible zirconia and titanium



Hybrid abutments can be colored using any Vita shade to match your coping and create a seamless transition between abutment and crown; no more gingival shadows and grey lines. The titanium interface ensures a strong, accurate connection with the implant. pic13






Below: Hybrid Abutments with zirconia bridge framework and zirconia copings to fit over framework. Tissue colored  porcelain is used in the gingival area on the zirconia framework.

WZirconia_frameoverabutment_001 wZirconia_frameoverabutment_036 W_Zirconia_frameoverabutment_025 wZirconia_frameoverabutment_010  wZirconia_frameoverabutment_016

Below: This case was designed using one scanned file. The software automatically generated the parallel abutments. Implant placement was toward the midline and we were able to design the abutments to the patients original tooth position.


2HybridAbut4UBridge4 2HybridAbut4UBridge3 2hybridAbut4UBridge1 2hybridAbut4UBridge2

Visit our Gallery of Cases to view more completed cases with custom implant abutments.

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