Crown & Bridge

5 AXIS welcomes all of your Crown & Bridge and have technicians with the knowledge and skill to design and manufacture single units and full arch reconstruction. Using 5 AXIS Design software we digitally design all PVS impressions and digital scans using our 5 AXIS DESIGNER CAD software to ensure optimal porcelain support.

We specialize in all ceramics such as e.Max and porcelain fused to zirconia (PFZ) restorations but also continue to manufacture porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges. PFM restorations are also digitally designed. We mill or rapid prototype wax copings based on the digital file and cast using the traditional lost wax technique. We also are able to laser sinter base metal copings and crowns.

Models from Digital impressions are milled polyurethane not rapid prototyped. We find a greater consistency in the accuracy with milled models versus rapid prototyped stereo lithography models.


WE DESIGN OUR CASES BACKWARDS ON PURPOSE…..   Our software designs the ideal crown or bridge shape then designs the coping and custom abutment to support the final restoration. Digital Design means we never have to guess if we have adequate framework support for your porcelain.


For complex full arch restorations we digitally design the impression and then  rapid prototype a verification index. When manufacturing using zirconia frameworks this is an essential step as we can not cut and solder zirconia like metal frameworks. This step allows us to determine the gum line, smile line, midline, protrusion, etc. From this verification index we then modify the digital file based on the index prior to manufacturing the zirconia bridge.

All large cases should include photos of the patient from various angles. Most essential are front and side views with : 1. lips retracted teeth edge to edge 2. natural smile — both big smile gentle smile 3. teeth in natural bite with teeth showing. It is ideal to email the photos or have us setup and link a dropbox account.


 Full Mandibular Arch Implant Reconstruction. Custom milled titanium abutments with full arch zirconia bridge with tissue porcelain.



Full Maxillary Arch Implant Reconstruction. Custom milled hybrid abutments.  Verification index is used to determine midline, vertical, gum line before manufacturing fianl zirconia framework.


iTero Scanned Zirconia Bridges & Crowns


Go to our Gallery to view more of our Crown and Bridge restorations.




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