Digitize a PVS Implant Impression

All PVS Crown & Bridge Cases are Scanned and Digitally Designed and Milled

1. Screw in the impression coping or 5 AXIS Implant Scan Body. Take a traditional closed tray PVS impression.


2. We pour a standard tissue model using the implant scan body, therefore there is no expensive lab analog to purchase.


3. Using state-of-the-art software we scan & design the model ensuring optimal tissue and restoration support. Our software ensures that the abutment and framework design always supports the porcelain, the weakest but aesthetic portion of the restoration.


 4.  A custom abutment & finished crown is delivered for your next appointment. No need to re-impress the custom abutment as it has been designed simultaneously with your crown.


5. You steriScan body 5 AXISlize & keep the Scan Body for next time! No need to re-order and stock expensive impression copings or laboratory analogs.






*Impant Scan Bodies are available from 5 AXIS Dental and are compatible with: Nobel Biocare   3i   Straumann   Friadent   Astra   Camlog  BioHorizons Zimmer   Implant Direct   MIS   Hi-Tec Hiossen   Southern Implants   Biodenta.


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