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Custom Color Matching & Characterization allows your crown to blend in with your natural teeth using multiple layers of different ceramic porcelains and light refractive techniques 

customizing shade guideWe have 2 customizing options: 1. A chairside customizing appointment at our laboratory must be scheduled in advance. It takes approximately 2 hours of time.

2. A shade selection appointment at our office. We will take photographs and make detailed notes regarding your teeth colour, shape and specific concerns/requests. This appointment takes only 5-10 minutes and often does not need to be scheduled in advance.

Chairside Customization Takes Time

Each firing of the ceramic additions takes about 15-20 mins. in the porcelain furnace.

Plan on about 2 hours ~ feel free to bring a book or your computer. We have wi-fi.


1. You will go to your dentists office to have your temporary crown loosened. Don’t worry, your dentist will not remove it completely ~ this takes only a few minutes

2. You will then go to the laboratory and meet with a dental technologist. They will make color adjustments and add characterizations to the crown that exist in your natural teeth Plan on approx.  2 hours+

3. You will return to your dentist with your crown for cementation ~ this takes only a few minutes


Why did my customizing take less time or  longer than 2 hours?

Tooth shades can be difficult to determine. Sometimes your tooth is a shade that is indicated on our dental shade guides and other times it can be 1/2 shades and more subtle hues. Tooth color (chroma) is based not only on color but on the value (brightness) and hue as well.

Why does the temporary need to be removed—can’t they just hold the tooth up to my mouth?

Sometimes the underlying tooth color can subtly change the overall crown color. Also changing the angle and proximity of one tooth to another, like holding a tooth up beside the other,  can create incorrect shadowing on the crown.

You don’t want light to bounce off color   ~   Layering creates depth

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