Cadent iTero System

CadentCertified_001compWe are a certified Cadent iTero laboratory and registered implant scan body provider for iTero. We are also registered as an iTero manufacturing center.

To send us files we must be registered on your iTero as one of your laboratories.

Please have your office take a moment to call iTero at 1 800 577 8767 and add 5 Axis Dental Lab.


In 2008, 5 Axis Dental manufactured the first implant custom abutment and finished restoration from a single digital scan.

Continuous research  and development has allowed us to now scan full arch implant cases

To learn more, watch Dr. Howard Goodman, demonstrate an implant abutment scan using the iTero scanner.


How to add 5 AXIS Scan Bodies to your Favorites List


(Only available on 5.1 software upgrade)

  1. Go to and login using your username (email) and password
  2. Click on “Profile” link at the top of the page
  3. Then click on “manage favorites”
  4. Proceed to populate your list of favorite scan bodies


  1. When you now log into the iTero software, your favorite scan bodies should appear in your Rx under Scan body – 5 AXIS
  2. If your favorites do not appear
    1. Login to case manager
    2. Click menu
    3. Click file
    4. Click tools
    5. Choose Update Configuration
    6. The Favorites should now appear in the drop down menu of the iTero software



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