EnvisionTec Perfactory

Rapid Proto-typing

STL Models Now at 5 Axis Dental

EnvisionTEcPrinterOnsite manufacturing of STL models. Compatible with Cerec Connect Omnicam and Bluecam scanners.


Digital wax-up manufactured  from a PVS impression that we scan at our laboratory or an intra-oral scan from the dental office and rapid proto-typed in our onsite perfactory. The envisionTEC WIC300 material produces very high quality detail without any porosity with no ash residue and very low coefficient of thermal expansion.

The DDP system is capable of producing anything from wax up crowns to verification guides,  as well as long term provisionals. EnvisionTEC DT22 is a stiff easy to burn polymer for production of thin margins down to 50 microns in thickness.

The DDP system is an open architecture system and is fully compatible with our any open architecture scanner.

The DDP from envisionTEC is ideally suited for PFM application where the simple coping and the press on metal ceramic are simultaneously built on the machine. The coping printed on the DDP system are automatically produced with a simple user designed sprue for simple placement for direct investment casting.